Catherine Wait 5 years ago our daughter Lottie was born by emergency c-section when my blood tests showed that I had developed HELLP syndrome. She was just under 3lb 2oz when she was born and 4 and a half weeks early. We spent 4 weeks with Lottie in SCBU’s fabulous care. My discharge from the Royal Surrey was so very hard as it meant I could no longer sit next to her incubator through the night. Every day I would come in to SCBU at 7am and spend the day with her, my husband would join me after work and we would leave SCBU at 9pm in the evening. In the day it felt as right as it could be but as the day came to the close and we had to leave her everything felt so wrong and so unfair. It was heart wrenching to walk out of SCBU and leave our tiny Lottie overnight.
It took us a long time to be brave enough to decide to have another child and it was by no means an easy path. We eventually got past the 12 week mark and found out we were expecting our next miracle. Pregnancy with Freddie was going so well, there were no signs of pre-eclampsia and he was bang on average for size and growth. Unfortunately, early in the morning on the 23rd January this year my placenta abrupted and Freddie was born shortly after by another emergency c-section. He was born 10 weeks early weighing an impressive 3lb 3oz. Following 10 days in NICU at St Peters we were transferred back to the Royal Surrey’s SCBU. Once again, the care for Freddie was fantastic. The team not only cared for Freddie but also for us as a family and we are so incredibly grateful for everything they have done for our family twice over. We spent 5 ½ tough weeks living a strange split life trying to be with Freddie and balance Lottie’s needs.
When we heard about the units plans for redevelopment we felt very strongly we wanted to support it. The option to stay by our babies sides overnight would have saved us a lot of tears. We had and have a lot to be so very grateful for with both our SCBU journeys however having a baby in SCBU is tough, very tough. Anything that can help make this easier is a must and the plans for more space and more room for families and siblings would be a fantastic addition to scbu.
We are looking forward to getting our family and friends (including our scbu family friends) together for a fun fancy dress walk and hope to raise a few pounds for a cause so very very close to our hearts. We hope you will join our fundraiser by taking part/ sponsorship/ donation or even just for tea and cake at the end! The more the merrier. Catherine Wait