Phoebe Scaife On 8th March 2020, I am going to be running in the Surrey Half Marathon to raise money for Positive Touch, part of Royal Surrey County Hospital Charity. Positive Touch is an amazing support service that was set up in 2012 by parents and staff of the Special Care Baby Unit at the Royal Surrey County Hospital to support the babies and families past and present.

We have personal experience of the amazing work Positive Touch do when our youngest, Freddie was born. Freddie was born at full term at 37 weeks, following an induced labour, at 5lbs 5. He had a difficult start to life and was admitted to SCBU at 36 hours old. After a number of tests it was discovered he had a couple of holes in his lungs. Freddie spent 6 days in SCBU where he was under the best care we could ever have imagined. Freddie is an incredible little fighter and looking at his cheeky smile today you wouldn't know the start he had.

Positive Touch provide incredible support to SCBU babies and their families in a number of different ways. Below are some of the ways Positive Touch provide support.

Positive Touch fundraise for equipment or other items required by the Special Care Baby Unit that support the special care babies and their families during their stay.

Positive Touch realise that families also need looking after during a stay in the Special Care Baby Unit for this reason Positive Touch provide the family with:
Welcome Packs- each family that comes into the Special Care Baby Unit receives a welcome pack.
Sibling Packs - siblings of the Special Care babies are given their own special pack.
Discharge Packs - each family that leaves the Special Care Baby Unit receives a discharge pack.
Refreshments - a variety of snacks and drinks are supplied by Positive Touch for families in the kitchen.
Books for Babies
Volunteer Visits- Positive Touch has two volunteers who visit the Special Care Baby Unit on a weekly basis they are able to offer parents and families someone to talk to.

Many families will spend significant days/ celebrations in the Special Care Baby Unit, Positive Touch try to make these as special as possible. We provide gifts and cards to mark these occasions.
· Valentines
· Mother’s Day
· World Book Day
· Easter
· Father’s Day
· World Prematurity Day
· Christmas
· Family Birthdays

Spending time in the Special Care Baby Unit can be an emotional, stressful and isolating time. It is a journey that can only be truly understood by those that have travelled it and once a family have been discharged it can be harder. Families lose the security of the amazing SCBU team. It doesn’t matter how long a baby was in the Special Care Baby Unit or the reason for their stay, everyone copes in different ways. This is the reason that Positive Touch started the monthly Coffee Mornings.
These sessions are run by the volunteers the families met on the Special Care Baby Unit. Phoebe Scaife