Harry, Tom, Struan, Oliver, Nathan, Noah, Reuben, Logan, and Josh have been given a school project to help out a charity, the northmead players in his football team have decided to join together and hold an event to do this, they have chosen to support Royal Surrey County Hospital Charity and Cancer Research as these are charities close to their/our hearts. The event is being run by the kids with a little supervision from us parents.

To raise money, they have chosen to hold a bake sale, as well as run guess how many sweets in a jar, tin can alley, balloon raffle and recycled board game.

We're sharing the charity pages with all who would like to donate to this event. If you can support our boys with such a great idea, we'd really appreciate it.

The Closer to Care campaign is particularly close to our hearts because Harry's sister Georgie was born at 24 weeks back in 2015, and spent time in the Special Care Baby Unit at the Royal Surrey.

A bit about the charity's Closer to Care campaign

The money raised will support premature or sick babies being treated at Royal Surrey County Hospital. As is the case with many neonatal units around the country, parents with babies being treated at Royal Surrey County Hospital’s Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) cannot currently stay overnight with their babies, due to limited space.

This separation can be extremely distressing for both the baby and parents. I'm raising money to help the charity change this.

Giving families the option to stay with their babies at any time allows them to be much more involved in their babies’ care, which has been proven to be hugely beneficial for both baby and parent.

Working with the hospital, Royal Surrey County Hospital Charity wants to redevelop the SCBU, providing the space and resources needed for parents to be able to stay overnight, next to their babies’ cot. This will mean parents can be by their side and can help care for their baby at any time, day or night.

As well as providing overnight accommodation, the redeveloped unit will include a family room, which will offer much-needed privacy for families receiving sensitive news, and a separate space for siblings to play with toys and visitors to gather and spend time together.

It’s a great cause, and your donation will help give the most vulnerable patients the very best start in life. Donating is easy, quick and secure.

Please share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter – and elsewhere – so the boys can reach their target and together we can help Royal Surrey County Hospital Charity do more. Thank you!

Harry, Tom, Struan, Oliver, Nathan, Noah, Reuben, Logan, and Josh

Louise Booth