Alex Stronach

On June 12th 2020, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer.

I underwent surgery to remove the cancerous testicle and one cycle of chemotherapy over a 2.5 month period. It was a difficult journey that I could not have managed without the support of my family, girlfriend, friends and, most importantly, the wonderful staff on the TYAC ward at Royal Surrey Hospital, Guildford.

I am hoping to give something back. I will take on two challenges during the month of November:

1. Head Shave: I was fortunate enough not to lose any hair during chemotherapy. However, to share in the experience with those who do lose it, I will shave off my hair on 31st October.

2. Run 150km in November: I will take on the challenge of running 150km in the 30 days of November, averaging at 5km a day.

Please donate what you can and help me to 'keep the ball rolling' on the amazing work the staff do to support young people with cancer, especially those who aren't as fortunate as me.

Alex Stronach