Stewart Johnson

It all started 10 years ago when a group of 7 friends got together at a Rugby Club in Camberley and after a few beers thought that riding a bike from Land's End to John O’Groats sounded "fun". 
1000 miles for Macmillan was born and the group took off to the roads on one epic adventure.
You can see how we did by looking up our Blog.
Incredibly, we raised £14,000 for the cancer charity. 
10 years ago is quite sometime and sadly one of the original team members, Ian Lockett (Locky), lost his own battle with Melanoma three years ago on 13 August 2016. Before he passed away the now much older and far more greyer group of friends, had looked back on their many adventures together and wondered if 10 years on this would be possible?
Locky's wish was for the group to do this "just one more time" but for a cancer research facility to try to prevent cancer in the first place rather than focusing on palliative care. During his illness he asked us if we could do the 10th anniversary ride for St Luke's Cancer Centre at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. 

So on September the 1st 2019 another group of 7 friends will once again take to the roads. 10 years ago we went to John O'Groats so now we have to come back! The plan is for this to take us 14 days and we will cover 957 miles just under an average of 70 miles a day, assuming we don't get lost and will climb 45,000 feet average 3,200 feet per day. Yes that does also mean 45,000 feet downhill, as we will finish back at sea level, but its not quite the same.

3 of the original team members taking part again, David, Stewart and Andrew Johnson, all in their mid fifties now. The new members of the team are Patrick Johnson (Dave's Son) Paul Whittingham, Ian Russell and Andrew Alfrey. 

We are planning to run a blog/diary on facebook the group title is 'And back again - for Locky' or follow this link

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Stewart Johnson