Emma McKay Thank you for visiting my fundraising page. I’m running the Great Bristol 10k with my great friend and fellow nurse Ashley Brown to raise money for Royal Surrey County Hospital Charity because we want to improve the Baby Memorial Garden at the Royal Surrey. We want to give it the attention and care it deserves to make it a beautiful, colourful and special place all year round.

At the moment the garden is run down and overgrown, and looks like it needs some love!

I have a wish list which includes the following items which I am raising money to buy for the garden;

Bird bath, bird house and feeders, bee/insect house and a bird table -
a close connection with nature can help with grief. Some people take comfort from seeing Robins in particular as they are often seen as a sign a loved one is near.

Raised planter for a pebble swap -
Painted stones can be taken home by parents or exchanged for a pebble with their baby's name on to stay in the garden. This can help families keep a part of the memorial garden and create a connection with home.

Jizo Statue -
Japanese Buddist statues believed to be protectors of children and unborn babies.

Wind Chimes -
To create a soothing sound as well as hopefully distracting from traffic noise.

Carefully selected plants and pots -
Rosemary is the traditional herb of remembrance
Lavender for its calming scent
Blackberry bush for its white flowers in spring and to encourage wildlife
Foxgloves, Jasmine (flower of memories) and wildflowers (including Daisies which are a symbol of innocence) to encourage bees and butterflies to the garden.

There are more plants including climbers for the existing trellis which I would hope to include.

All existing statues, name plates and personal things will be carefully preserved and will be treated with the utmost respect, not being moved or disturbed in any way.

This little corner of the hospital grounds is of great importance to people in their time of need. Together we can help the garden become a beautiful, comforting place to visit all year round.

Please share with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter – and elsewhere – so I can reach my target and together we can help Royal Surrey County Hospital Charity do more. Thank you! Emma McKay