Kate Roebuck

Our lovely mum & nana, Maureen, was diagnosed with cancer in November 2018. She doesn't like to do things by halves and is battling not only with cervical cancer but also lung cancer. However, she is not the sort of person to let things get the better of her ... and this is no exception! Of course, it's a really challenging time, chemotherapy is an incredible treatment but particularly brutal, by design, doing the job it needs to do! Her side effects have meant that she's had really restricted mobility which has tested her mental attitude, as she's extremely independent. We think she's amazing - positive and determined, she even single handedly wall papered her living room just after her third chemotherapy treatment when she was struggling to walk! We're so proud of her and we're all so grateful for the treatment she's accessing and the wonderful care she's receiving from the staff on the Chilworth, Oncology ward.

The Chilworth ward specialises in treating outpatients who need chemotherapy treatment. Resources and nursing staff are really stretched, with 54 seats and 4 beds and increasing numbers of 80-100 patients per day, with 16 or so nursing staff. They provide an amazing level of care and all the money we raise will go towards buying new, comfortable reclining patient chairs and cold caps. The cold caps offer a scalp cooling system which work by narrowing the blood vessels beneath the skin of the scalp, reducing the amount of chemotherapy medicine that reaches the hair follicles. With less chemotherapy medicine in the follicles, the hair is less likely to fall out. Mum/nana lost all her hair within 2 weeks but this doesn't happen with everyone and the cold caps would be a great addition to offer patients. We're also looking into funding patient cancer care packs, full of useful information and goodies.

So, how are we going to raise funds? The four of us (Kate, Ronan, Ben & Luca) are climbing Mount Aneto in the Spanish Pyrenees on Sept 1st 2019. We are self funding the climb and so all money raised will go directly to the charity; the Chilworth Oncology ward. Aneto is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, reaching a height of 11,169 feet (3,404 metres). The highest mountain the kids have walked is Snowdon at 3560 feet (1,085 metres) and so this really is a step up. Mt Aneto's flanks retain the largest glacier in the mountain range and the terrain ranges from grassy verges, to sharp rocky ridges, giant boulder fields, glass smooth granite slabs and steep bulletproof ice! As well as walking boots, we'll also need crampons and an ice axe (gulp).

We really want to make a difference and help others on the ward. Any donation you make, however big or small, is greatly appreciated - and remember, all donations go directly to the charity.

Thank you!

Kate, Ronan, Ben, Luca & Dan

Message from Daniel:
"I can't join you on the challenge but I'll be supporting in other ways and trying to raise money - please give any amount - every little helps!"

Kate Roebuck