Steer Family Isabelle Steer was born almost 8 weeks prematurely and was cared for by the expert team in SCBU at the Royal Surrey. We are fundraising to support your wonderful department and help more poorly babies on their way home. After 3 weeks in SCBU, Isabelle was discharged but tragically and very sadly passed away aged 5 and a half months in March 2019. Losing Isabelle has left a huge hole in all of our lives, and is missed terribly by her whole family. We want something positive to come from something so heartbreaking so have decided to hold "Belle's Ball', a charity dinner/dance event in loving memory of Isabelle. The pain of losing Isabelle has been unbearable, but doing something for such a worthy cause will help her memory live on.

For more information on Belle's Ball, which is being held on Friday 14th February, please contact [email protected] Steer Family