We, the team at Simon Merrony Architects, are so grateful to our front line health care staff at this strange and scary time.

The Directors, Simon and Elaine, have first-hand experience of the stresses our marvellous health care workers are under as their daughter, India, is a Doctor dealing with Covid patients on a daily basis.

India has explained how stressful this time is for health care workers and how exhausted they all are. Many are sick themselves as a direct result of the work they are doing.

We want to show our a appreciation and love for the NHS and are asking you to sponsor us to ‘virtually walk’ up the 30 tallest buildings in the world by walking up the stairs in our own homes. The donations will go directly to the Royal Surrey County Hospital Charity Covid-19 Emergency Appeal, which is where India works.

We will walk up buildings daily starting with the least steps to the most over the month of May- the buildings are listed below. By the end of the month we will be climbing over 4000 steps a day between us!

We really appreciate any donation and we will post our progress on Instagram.

Thank you for your support and take care,

From Simon, Helen, Sam and Elaine x

Here are the 30 tallest buildings in the order we will tackle them:

30. SEG Plaza, Shenzhen, China – 2, 848 steps and 356m
29. The Pinnacle, Guangzhou, China – 2,880 steps and 360m
28. Almas Tower, Dubai – 2,904 steps and 363m
27. Bank of America Tower, New York City – 2928 steps and 366m
26. Bank of China Tower, Hong Kong – 2,936 steps and 367m
25. Central Plaza, Hong Kong – 2,992 steps and 374m
24. Tuntex Sky Tower, Kaohsiung, Taiwan – 3,024 steps and 378m
23. Elite Residence, Dubai – 3,044 steps and 380.5m
22. Empire State Building, New York – 3,048 steps and 381m
21. Central Market Project, Abu Dhabi – 3,048 steps and 381m
20. Shun Hing Square, Shenzhen, China – 3,072 steos and 384m
19. Citic Plaza, Guangzhou, China – 3,128 steps and 391m
18. 23 Marina, Dubai – 3,160 steps and 395m
17. 2 International Finance Centre, Hong Kong – 3,296 steps and 412m
16. Al Hamra Firdous Tower, Kuwait City, Kuwait – 3,312 steps and 413m
15. Princess Tower, Dubai – 3,312 steps and 414m
14. Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai– 3,368 steps and 421m
13. Trump International Hotel and Tower, Chicago – 3,384 steps and 423m
12. Guangzhou International Finance Centre, China – 3,520 steps and 440m
11. Kingkey 100, Shenzhen, China– 3,534 steps and 441.8m
10. Willis Tower – 3,536 steps and 442m
9. Zifeng Tower, Nanjing, China – 3,600 steps and 450m
8. Petronas Tower 1 and 2, Kuala Lumpa – 3,616 steps and 452m
7. International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong – 3,872 steps and 484m
6. Shanghai World Financial Centre (left one) – 3,939 steps and 492m
5. Taipei 101, Taiwan – 4,072 steps and 509m
4. One World Trade Centre, New York – 4,330 steps and 541.3m
3. Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel, Mecca Saudi Arabia – 4,808 steps and 601m
2. Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, China – 5,056 steps and 632m
1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai – 6,624 steps and 828m (phew!)

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